Daily Gas Saving Tips

First of all, we should all know that driving slower helps save money, so try to make it a habit to drive slower then you would normally drive. The slower that you go, the  more you save on gas. The general rule is to keep it under 55 or 60 MPH – every 5 miles an hour that you go over that, you are going to be reducing your fuel economy by 5%, and it will only mean a little time added to your trip. 

Also, if you can use the cruise control whenever possible, or drive at a steady speed when you cannot use the cruise control, you'll find that you also save on gas money. This is because driving at a steady speed uses gasoline more slowly, while slowing down and speeding up is a way to waste gas.

This also pertains to your accelerations. If you are accelerating very quickly, you are going to be burning more fuel, hands down. Therefore, if you can accelerate more slowly, you will save on gas – and the wear and tear will be less on your car as well.

If you drive a manual transmission, shift into the next gear as soon as you can, which will cut back on the amount of fuel that you use. Just be careful  not to switch too soon, because this will damage your car.

You shouldn't idle, either, whenever you can avoid it. Leaving the car running might seem like a good idea, and it might be quicker for you, but turn the car off when you aren't using it to save on gasoline. This will be better for your car overall, and will save you lots of money on gas, too.

Of course, the best thing that you can do as a driver is not to drive. If you can carpool to work or school, or ride your bike to the store, or even walk, you'll save money on gas simply by  not using it. In many places, people only use their cars when they absolutely have to. If you have neighbors or friends who are going the same place as you are, see if carpooling is a good option. Otherwise, check out the public transportation in your area, or decide where you can easily walk or ride your bike. On a trip check out the public transportation system ahead of time, and make it a fun experience. For example, taking a cable car ride in San Francisco can be an experience of a lifetime for a child.